History of Ligeia Interiors

Ligeia Interiors has a long history in providing cutting edge designs to different clients all across the globe. Our activities started in 1975, we executed and concluded contracts with many customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Middle and the Far East; offering a tailored design for highly influential clients like the Presidents, Governors, Ministries, Princes, Ambassadors, and business tycoons.

Over 50 years and still counting, we remain on top as the most brilliant luxury interior design company. The process of our work is nearly the same with all customers and the seriousness, and the final result of our effort has continually retained our success culture. This philosophy has consistently been repeated over the years, creating a bond of continuity the past and the trend y world of today. Till date, our staffs of specialist and handicraftsmen stand as the strategic pillars of design development of quality, functionality and luxurious comforts.

We pay meticulous attention to our client wishes, tastes and entire lifestyles which include the location and sit one on one to understand the needs of each client before we propose a variety of services available.

Ligeia gives each client an exclusive full-service on the land selection, ground test, survey, preliminary civil project, and initial decoration project. We offer samples of all the materials that will be used as paints of wood and plaster, curtains and beds, sofa fabrics, carpet, etc. Our professional team prepares right away both architectural and decorative project to ensure we come up with the best and original solutions especially when it’s a renovation of a house, building and decorating villas, hotels, private or public offices and luxurious boats.