Ligeia, started its activities on 1975 year,  is an international exterior and interior design company with its Head Office situated in Rome, which specializes in designing of unique interiors for building and decorating villas, hotels, buildings, private or public offices, luxurious boats;. We have all the required machinery (in-house expert designers and tools) at our disposal, to ensure that the whole process of creating your chosen design take place in one location. Ligeia represents sophistication and refinement in the world of designs, always at the top of interior decoration trends and using the latest technology to provide every customer interior design with results fashioned to meet every customer’s requirements.

Our Furniture Shop offers high-quality trendy furniture’s in solid wood, a custom design made by our professional handicraftsmen. From flooring and wall marble tiles to false ceiling, windows, doors and so on, we’ve got all the exterior and interior design covered. Also, our big boat session specialized in providing turn-key luxurious boats interior decoration and exterior layout. The entire process of production of exclusive designs is based on the rich experience of our professional staffs and their ability to repeat their success at every level of productions. And more importantly is the idea, from which all comes forth; anyone then could run our project, but we will always be there to check the quality and accuracy.
Ligeia is committed to creative, innovative designs that stand the taste of time and work to make every project classic and rewarding. We build robust lifestyle designs to enhance the quality of life.

President & C.E.O.

Dott. Eng. Arch. Sp. Amedeo Costa

Vice President

Mr. Elio Palmucci
International Marketing Adviser

Board of Directors

Mr. Elio Palmucci

Specialist prefabricated houses and market research

Mr. Alberto Costa

Detail executives and its realization

Dott. Arch. Renato Rovagna

Architectural and structural projects

Dott. Eng Renato Salvini

Project and site manager

Dott. Arch. Renato Angeloni

Interior Designers

Roberto Terrinoni

Chief designer