The Best Architects And Interior Designers In Rome

Ligeia is full of smart architect and engineer professionals, master, graduated, specialized best in exterior and interior design and naturally on the execution turnkey. We have driven people who care about getting it done and creating success stories. Our team of professionals brings their experience, technical knowledge, and resourcefulness to deliver the best services in the industry. We are always committed to deliver results and improve efficiency to enhance clients’ value. Our collaborative working pattern emphasizes commitment, trust, teamwork, and tolerance for diverging opinions.


President & C.E.O.

Dott. Eng. Arch. Sp. Amedeo Costa

Board of Directors

Mr. Elio Palmucci

Specialist prefabricated houses and market research

Mr. Alberto Costa

Marketing director

Dott. Arch. Renato Rovagna

Architectural and structural projects

Dott. Eng Renato Salvini

Project and site manager

Dott. Arch. Renato Angeloni

Interior Designers

Roberto Terrinoni

Chief designer