House detail:

Plot sqm 2250, Covered area sqm 1200

Our responsibility:

Refurbishment preliminary project, execution project, construction, interior design.
We took care of refurbishment of this house, proposing to the client a perspective of how it might become. After his approval we open the site and importing everything from Italy and using local man power and our proper specialist in 18 months we performed both the construction and the interior decoration.


Summary of the work executed turnkey in London Courtenay Av.:

Refurbishment preliminary project, execution project, construction, interior design.
In detail we expose hereafter all the steps necessary to succeed and procedures that we follow normally from the first meeting with the client until the delivery of the work
In this project performed in London in Courtenay av. we took care of refurbishment of the old house consisting in a ground and upper floor, plus a garden of around 1500 sqm, a swimming pool and an entrance large ground space.
The house is situated in one of the most requested zone in London in the centre of Kenwood forest
Called as consultants by the client  to find an improved proposal to the project in his hand, we went at the villa to make first contact with the customer and make the house surveys
That’s carried out in close cooperation with the customer who explained his desires and conveys to us his taste
Started the job any our work proposed has been completed by color illustrative sketches up to the complete satisfaction
to get the approval of the whole project the path has been long enough since the very large house;
of course this was the first step and the most important that allowed us to start the executive plan
The execution times of the final design are significant and can vary according to customer desire to which we refer stepper
at the same time we  worry to find a reliable company, to which we have entrusted, when ready, the a bill of quantities  and specification to get the best quote
performed the executive plan we moved on to study the structural details of each element of the house, furnishing fixed and lose furniture
found the local company that would take care of masonry works we took care to submit to the customer the proposals of the house finishing works, planned to carry out with our specialized staff
so we designed and build all the pavement done in various kind of marble, carpet, chosen cut in Italy  and imported to London
all the plaster decorations done according to the drawings; in all plaster decoration it has been applied the gold leaf as per customer request
the furniture of the bedrooms and bathrooms were built to the drawings (custom made) by our handicraftsman
the gold leaf is applied everywhere request by the customer that’s furniture’s bathroom bedroom, saloon, studio and on gypsum plaster by our specialist
so all the material like marble, bronze, lamps, chandelier, etc was built as per drawing in Italy and imported in London
also the tissues of the curtains are sorted purchased and processed in Italy, sent and installed by our staff;
the suite carpet: designed  and build by us in Italy  sent and installed
our task is joined to the project of telephone, electrical installations, heating air conditioning, home automation, computer network, which we performed the supervision and testing
With our working relationship, the customer with great satisfaction has not had to worry about anything, just to hold a grand opening celebration