House detail:

Locality: Av. Colonel Lukusa – Kinshasa Congo R. D.

Plot sqm 4500, Covered area sqm 1750

Our responsibility:

Refurbishment preliminary project, execution project, construction, interior design

Hold house dating Belgium colonial age (1850 about). We took care of refurbishment of this house, proposing to the client a perspective of how it might become.

At the beginning once I met the customer and He having asked for advice I said  I could renovate the old house, making it a completely new and very attractive;

So began the adventure;

I quickly did a prospective color sketch that it got immediately approval to start work immediately;

then it started the phase of executive planning and the phase of the quotation;

The quote, which I heard later, was the lowest, it included the construction of the villa turn- keys;

Subsequently the owner asked me to provide for the interior decoration always turnkey

In detail we expose hereafter all the steps necessary to succeed;


Color perspective

Architectural project

Executive project


Decoration project



With my supervising the palace was ready in one year despite the many changes requested by the customer