Luxury house design & builder services:

Ligeia is the foremost luxury custom home design and builders that provide partners and clients with an innovative design service. As one of the top high-end house contractors, Ligeia understand that properties are an expression of individual dreams.
A luxury custom designed home is the perfect solution to clients that want to define their lifestyle. It is often a way of achieving your dream house and bringing it to reality.

Top high-end home builders company

If you are looking for top high-end house contractors, you really should consider a Ligeia as one of the best luxury home builders. Interestingly, it is an amazing option when thinking about the luxury custom home builders that can offer your best value for money in property. Ligeia builds more luxurious and exclusive home that is often better quality than ones built by most building contractors.
The reason why those who realize how incredible it is to have a custom built home choose Ligeia to preserve their rich and famous standard is because Ligeia develops and build luxury homes and mansions that stand majestically among others.
The superior quality of our past completed work speaks for itself. Whether it’s a baht bungalow, exclusive house with pool, Jacuzzi and gym, 5star hotel or vocational home or luxury house with pool, our wonderful team of luxury home developers, luxury mansion builders, and new home builders will build you an amazing exclusive home. From development and design to the completion of the building, we take perfect care of your project and treat each customer with the same degree of care, respect, and attention.

No matter the style and size of your building project, Ligeia interior designers can design and build a home to your specific requirements. Whether you prefer luxury country house look, ultra-modern designer home or even a one of a kind, whatever your ideas, we can help you every step of the way to ensure they become a reality. Our team of professionals will starts from the initial concepts with the full set of architectural drawings to design, develop and complete the construction of the luxury property, including interior design and finish.
It’s all about you, and the choices are endless, You can decide on the style and size of the property , number of bathrooms, features such as gym, swimming pools, car park or garage, and external works such as garden, lawn or landscaping. The choices are yours to make and ours as one of the best luxury home builders is to help you implement them.
So if you are looking for luxury design and building contractors or top high-end house contractors to build your dream property, then contact Ligeia. With our team of professionals, we simplify the luxury custom house building services. Need superior quality, value for money new house builders? Then contact Ligeia today!