Renovation property:

If you need home improvement companies that can give a refreshing new look for your retirement home or your executive office, Ligeia offers exclusive home improvement for your luxury house or mansion and brings the latest innovative designs into your home.
Interior design is an essential aspect of any significant properties, luxury house, mansion, hotel or resort evolving from the stunning new concepts to the global market place. For your investment to set a viral standard and compete on the international market, it is important that it has an exclusive theme which will become part of the hallmark will have people visit again from time to time
Ligeia home improvement offers a complete residential and commercial renovation services. Whether it’s a tropical villa, night club and bar, vacation homes, hotels or resort, we integrate the ‘wow’ factor of interior design to balance the ultra- modern concept and the yesterday’s convenience.

Office Refurbishment Company

Ligeia offers a turnkey solution to the entire office renovation process.

Our design methodology starts with listening to what you desire, and then we proceed to assess your space before developing the design plan that fit your requirement. We get to know your business, lifestyle and your aspirations to design an exclusive office encourage and inspire your business partners and clients.
When you choose us as your office refurbishment company, we put your office on a new path of Italian artistic discovery using the right colour that calm the mind and enchanting sculptures that both your organization and visitors will muse upon. Our team of skilled workers will bring into display the unique concepts that will enrich your luxury office lifestyle.
The superior enjoyable design process is the standards on our renovation property. Our team of artisans and Master Builders help create high-end luxury, comfortable and functional office while adhering to what is best for our client.

House and Buildings Refurbishment Company

During our many years in homes renovation, we have completed numerous luxurious home, mansions, villas, executive offices and 5star hotel renovations. Ligeia continually brings creative with the highest level of new design concepts and posh, comfortable furnishings into the industry. We have succeeded in returning luxury home to its original look and also renovating property structure into ultra-modern contemporary designed mansions. Our services open the doors to a new world of Italian superior interior design.

As a Design and home improvement pioneer, we redesign your property and bring out the luxuriant nature of your dazzling luxury property. We are always pleased to introduce the world’s best interior designers and welcome you to a whole new world of lifestyle living.
It does not matter if you have an idea of the type of renovation you need or not, our expertise and experience will help through quality suggestions; tailored to your envisioned property specifications and needs. We take great pleasure in delivering our promise for beautiful luxury high-end homes.
Do you have a property to renovate or are you looking for home improvement service? Contact us today! We love to hear from you.