Luxury yacht interior design service

Ligeia is one of the few yacht interior design firms that have an established reputation for excellence in luxury yacht interior design service. Well known for its contemporary and innovative design sensibility, with a specialization in elegant, superior, high-end luxury and classic yacht interior design. Over the years we have created designs for everything from large sailing super yachts, modern luxury motor yachts, as well as classic gentlemen’s yachts and racing yachts. Our team of yacht interior designers is made up of professionals with wide range of skills in both interior design and exterior styling. We understand that modern design flair is in abundance and need to provide each client’s requirement is inevitable. So, we consider every little detail from each client and work to create flamboyant and high-quality and distinctive luxury boat interior design that depicts the lifestyle of our clients.


We are independent and take pride in our work. And we make sure that each boat is designed to exceed your original ideas. We strive to find the best possible yacht design solution for the clients. Our service includes yacht interior design and exterior styling. We help fulfill each client’s aspirations through shared passion and intelligent design.
If you need an exclusive yacht interior design that is captivated by the idea of the extraordinary or you want to express the fascination of technology and elegance in your yacht, leverage on Ligeia’s profession and experience through its luxury yacht interior design service to achieve stunning results. And create a lasting impression on anyone who sets his or her eyes on the design.
We offer clients a bespoke and unique boat designs that they desire. We have worked with many prestigious clients and have succeeded in carefully creating a balance between today’s contemporary comfort and yesterday’s intimacy in all our previous projects. No matter the complexity of your dream luxury yacht, Ligeia develops and delivers boat interior designs and concepts that set new state-in-the-art standards. We practically transform our creativity to make all aspects of the design work seamlessly like a puzzle. Each of our designs project reflects the client’s individuality.


Our team consists of professional Yacht interior designers and Decorators, Architects, Product Designers and Boat Builders that ensure you get a unique experience with the peace of mind in the exciting genesis of your new boat interior design. You’ll feel safe guarantee of a professional attendance and completion of your project.
From practical to aesthetic level, our team has the technical knowledge and work collectively to develop a design and layout interiors down to the finest to make the choice of your yacht interior design a reality. With our expertise in boat interior design, we explore the latest innovation in the industry to create a turnkey furnishing with the knowledge of the trendy styles and techniques from earlier periods that continue to appeal today’s world.

We know how best to handle your yachts.

We love to listen, let’s discuss your ideas and will deliver our promise to provide your perfect yacht